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We interview every participant to better understand who's in the room and what their unique perspective is. Going off of the notes from these interviews and any relevant shared documents, we also draft strategies so the workshop feels exponentially effective. 

When it comes to figuring out all the other details... let's just say we have everyone's needs, personalities, and dietary restrictions in mind.


Once people step into each workshop, we want it to feel thoughtful, collaborative, and smart. Our goal is that, thanks to weeks of prep, we bring an energy and intention to the day that is completely infectious.

Throughout the workshop, our playbook and facilitation style will help you uncover incredible ideas, move strategies forward without losing their depth, and truly address all those elephants in the room.


We take all the decisions made together during the workshop and go that last, extra mile: by creating a practical tool, system or report back for you to quickly hit the ground running. And we don't just drop it off at your doorstep. Instead, we work with you and your team to make sure it's a helpful and usable support system once our engagement is over.