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Introducing the First Seating blog

First Seating Blog

At First Seating, we think hard and cook often. This is where we share the best of what we're learning and what we're making.

Introducing the First Seating blog

Carolyn Sams

It’s been about a year and a half since we started First Seating.

The idea first came about around the kitchen table, and our thoughts kept bouncing back and forth between our desire to be a part of meaningful projects grounded in smart strategy and our love of hosting great conversations over delicious meals.

At some point our thoughts pulled themselves together and the lightbulb went off: 

What if we could bring these things together into a format where great strategy could be done in a thoughtfully-designed environment? And could these things work together to engage our entire self and completely rehumanize the way we work?

So we began at the start of 2014 with an idea that has now become a full-fledged business. And with every workshop, team retreat or consulting opportunity, we are learning more about this unique intersection that makes up First Seating.

This blog is our platform for sharing the exciting case studies and concepts behind our work, plus other ideas we've posted across partner sites. We hope this blog is an archive and a resource for you, an inspiring view into the world we’re thankful to be working in everyday.

And if you haven’t yet, please follow us on Twitter and Instagram, where you’ll also get a glimpse into what we’re doing and who we’re following.