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Mid-Year Reflection + Summer Salad // Part 1 from The Chalkboard

First Seating Blog

At First Seating, we think hard and cook often. This is where we share the best of what we're learning and what we're making.

Mid-Year Reflection + Summer Salad // Part 1 from The Chalkboard

Carolyn Sams

We've partnered with our friends over at The Chalkboard on a summer series that gives readers a fun and simple guide to infusing their jobs with fresh ideas for a healthy, happy workplace... one recipe and one conversation at a time. Each post features both a facilitation guide and a recipe for an easy lunch. Below is the first in the series, focused on reconnecting colleagues to the goals they might have set at the start of the year. To read the full post, go here, or take a look at the excerpt below before clicking through.

Interested in hosting this lunch? Download our designed worksheet to print out and complete together with your colleagues.

It might be hard to believe, but we’re halfway through 2015. And when it comes to your day job, by this time of year you’re likely feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from the big vision of your work, especially the goals you might have set at the start of the year.

We started First Seating to help people separate themselves from the daily chaos and step back with their colleagues to look at the big picture. During our collaborative workshops, we talk through big ideas and strategy in a setting that’s approachable, honest and effective. One of the most distinct parts about our work is that we emphasize the importance of breaking bread together. We’ve seen firsthand that a family-style lunch with your colleagues can unlock a new type of conversation that people rarely experience.

Inspired by our workshop lunches with clients, we’ve created a guide for hosting your own lunch, complete with conversation ideas and a healthy office-friendly recipe.

First up: a mid-year reflection over a potluck-style fresh summer salad. 

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