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Understanding Your Pitch: Introducing Our Messaging Canvas

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Understanding Your Pitch: Introducing Our Messaging Canvas

Carolyn Sams

In our final post for our Team Lunch Series with Chalkboard Mag, we talk messaging. Hop over there for the full post and recipe, or check out the overview below...

In a world driven by storytelling, one of the greatest skills you can have is the ability to give a great pitch. We’re not talking tweetable taglines, but instead the unique ability to share a clear and enticing message of what your company, product, or idea is and why it’s so special. But getting there is tough, especially to take the time to step back and see your key value proposition.

Inspired by the great Business Model Canvas, we created the Messaging Canvas — a series of key questions for your team to find clarity in your pitch. Each section will help you and your team build up a prioritized list of ideas and phrases that will help you speak with authenticity and passion, instead of a script. 

Interested in trying it out? Download the Messaging Canvas here.