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Big Vision + Breakfast Salad // Part 2 from The Chalkboard

First Seating Blog

At First Seating, we think hard and cook often. This is where we share the best of what we're learning and what we're making.

Big Vision + Breakfast Salad // Part 2 from The Chalkboard

Carolyn Sams

This summer, we've partnered with our friends over at The Chalkboard on a series that helps readers create a healthy, happy workplace... one recipe and one conversation at a time. Below is our second installment, a vision breakfast. To read the full post, go here, or take a look at the excerpt below before clicking through.

Interested in hosting this breakfast? Download our designed worksheet to print out and complete together with your colleagues.

At First Seating, we like to use our mornings to think big. During our strategy workshops, we use mornings as the best time of day to think big-picture and establish a shared vision together. With everyone’s brains fresh and unencumbered by the day’s worries, we can better tackle questions like “what do we stand for?”, “where are we going?”, and “what are we building?” Add a great breakfast into the picture, and voilá: you’ve got a powerful discussion that can bring clarity to your organization’s purpose and empower the whole team.

Take a look at our guide for ideas on hosting your own vision breakfast in the office. Work through questions to look at it from a variety of angles, spark new ideas and create a vibrant discussion. Our hearty breakfast salad — a healthy twist on the classic potatoes and eggs — is the perfect meal to accompany this inspiring morning conversation with the team.

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